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Bullet Twin Phantom Phlex EPS

Bullet Twin Phantom Phlex EPS

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Available for PRE-ORDER. Shipping this OCT 2022.


Original modern Twin outline, purposely given a pin tail to give the board a settled, thruster type feel to its surf.


Flat and Fast!


Long and Low.


Slight forward vee, subtle concave under foot with an aggressive double to slight vee out of the tail.


Pin tail, to give the board a distinctive, settled thruster feel.

Unique stringer-less construction using custom designed input materials laminated to a high-density EPS core with Epoxy resin.

Phantom Phlex incorporates a custom made Unidirectional Hybrid Fibre tape Innegra which is applied top and bottom to replace the traditional timber stringer. This gives the board longitudinal strength while reducing weight and enhancing responsiveness.

The deck is augmented with a high strength direct sized E-glass Double-Bias fabric which minimises torsional twist and distributes force loads underfoot. This provides stability in the ride and controls the flex pattern for a lively new board feel every session.

Additional reinforcement is added to the tail area with unique Bi-directional Hybrid Fibre patches (Carbon & Innegra) which utilises a specific pattern to create drive and strengthen the heel / toe area.

The result is a unique blend of lightweight performance combined with reliable strength and durability.

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